Yung Swiss Replies Emtee, Says That He Has Destroyed Any Chance Of A Collaboration

The Relationship between Rappers Emtee & Yung Swiss is strained now up to a point that we might not see them doing a song together.

MTVBaseTalk crowned Yung Swiss as SA’s number 1 Trapper last week. Considering Emtee‘s self-styled floss as the GOAT, he and his team simply clapped back at the “Jungle“ hitmaker, asking not to be disrespected.

Speaking about Emtee’s Response, He said: “I was happy to be number one. At the end of the day that is what we are in this game for. And I’m not going to say I don’t think I should be number one. I am glad I am number one and I feel like I should be number one. I didn’t discredit anyone on that list but obviously Emtee and his team saw the list in a different way. I was like: ‘why are we doing this?’ but he just went on and on,” 

“I really think that Emtee is talented. If you look back at my tweets from last year I said that Emtee was one of the most talented guys in this industry because this dude literally has his own sound. He sounds like nobody else but himself and I really respect that as an artist. It was because of this that I wanted to work with him and before this (the list) I was planning on doing it. But now it is going to be awkward working with this guy in studio so I don’t think we can do it anymore,”

What do you think about the growing beef between Yung Swiss and Emtee over the Trap crown?

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